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Author, Lyricist and Composer:

Don Magyar

Editor and Consultant:

Kirk Martin

Produced by:

“Foundation To Empower Marriage” (FEM)

Inspired and Guided by Humanology®

(the science of understanding human nature)

© 1997-2016, Don Magyar

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Theater Masks


“It's Not About Love” begins with an opening musical extravaganza that illustrates how we are indoctrinated into believing marriage is the centerpiece of a personal fairy tale. A cast of costumed characters (clichés) sings “It's All About Love.”

In Act I, we become introduced to the main characters and their friends, the supporting cast. Jenny is a legal assistant and law student. She is lonesome and looking for romance. In Scene 1 she sings “I Know there Has to Be More.”

Mike is a soon-to-be ex-restaurant manager and aspiring songwriter. He is having fun dating several women simultaneously. In Scene 2 he sings “Married Life Is Not For Me.” His immediate concern is opening a quaint club café where he and his friends can play music and meet women.

In Scene 3 of Act I, we learn about an elderly woman who has been searching for her fiancé ever since they lost touch with one another due to a mix-up in directions over 50 years earlier. She is conspicuous because, when seen, she is carrying a single long-stemmed rose. The girls in the office are discouraged and feeling melancholy. They sing “I'm Getting Down.”

As Scene 3 of Act I comes to an end, Jenny and Mike meet. Over the next five scenes, Jenny and Mike date, fall in love and get married, ending Act I.

After a brief intermission, Act II begins. In Scene 1, we are introduced to Jenny and Mike's children, Matthew and Rebecca. Over the next few scenes, we bear witness to how the pressures of raising a family, work and unrealized ambition can damper the good feelings upon which romantic relationships are founded. Jenny sings “It's a Crazy Day” and “Home Alone Again.” Mike sings “You Should See Me Now” and “Sometimes My Baby Sings The Midnight Blues.”

In Scene 6 of Act II, Jenny catches Mike after-hours with Bonnie, an old girl friend. Although Mike and Bonnie wrestled with temptation, their encounter remained platonic. Still, Mike had lied to Jenny about his whereabouts for the evening. Compounded with Jenny's frustration over her busy life and general lack of personal fulfillment, Jenny is upset and sings “I Don't Care No More.” Rejecting Mike's appeal to work things out, Jenny insists they separate and sings “Life is Sweeter on My Own.” Upon being shown the door, Mike, while standing outside, appeals to his dog and sings “Move Over Rover” to conclude Act II.

After a short intermission, Act III begins. In Scenes 1 and 2, we see that Jenny misses Mike. She sings “You Don't Know” and “I Remember It All.” At work, Jenny sings “I'm Not the Kind” before meeting the mysterious woman first mentioned in Scene 3 of Act I. The woman gives Jenny advice about her situation, revealing a long forgotten secret that is the key to success in romance and marriage. She sings, “Until Death Do Us Part.”

Jenny is transformed by the woman's wisdom. Before the woman leaves, Jenny discovers the solution to a 50-year mystery.

In Scene 4, we see that Mike misses Jenny. He sings “The Trouble with Me is You.”

In Scene 5, Jenny shares her newfound wisdom with Mike and they agree to renew their commitment of marriage. They sing “Dream Come True” and “I Found You.”

“It's Not About Love” concludes with a Grand Finale in which the entire cast sings, “It's Nice To Be Together Again.”

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