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Author, Lyricist and Composer:

Don Magyar

Editor and Consultant:

Kirk Martin

Produced by:

“Foundation To Empower Marriage” (FEM)

Inspired and Guided by Humanology®

(the science of understanding human nature)

© 1997-2016, Don Magyar

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Theater Masks

Author's Notes:

After a thought-provoking Grand Open extravaganza, the audience is taken on an emotional roller coaster.

Author's Notes – Grand Open   See

In ACT I, the audience follows the main characters as they experience the thoughts and feelings typical of being single, meeting someone special, dating, courting and marriage, including the more significant moments typical of “the big day.”

Author's Notes – Act I   See

In ACT II, the audience follows the main characters as they experience the trials of raising children and making a living. Their hectic lives plus the frustration and disappointment of having their once intensified good feeling we call “love” fade over time pushes their relationship to the breaking point.

Author's Notes – Act II   See

In ACT III, just when all seems lost, the featured partners (and the audience) make a discovery that will transform their lives. They discover the secret to success in romance and marriage.

Author's Notes – Act III   See

A Grand Finale sends the audience off filled with joy. Making an important discovery while experiencing the joy and exhilaration of a happy ending should make “It's Not About Love” an unforgettable experience.

Author's Notes – Grand Finale   See

Final Thoughts   See

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Foundation to Empower Marriage is a non-profit organization dedicated to educate high school seniors on how emotions work and how to use that knowledge to form and maintain successful long term personal relationships including marriage.

It's Not About Love is a musical written for high school and college students. It reveals the secret to success in romance and fulfillment in marriage. It's message is based on the knowledge and discoveries of Humanology®.

School Is Cool is a not-for-profit corporation that works with the major sports associations in elevating the value of education in the minds of our children.

Fittest Form® is a program that helps people achieve their best physical and mental state. Idea Songs is a group of songwriters that applies Humanology® in crafting songs, with an eye on making the most impact and maximizing audience appeal.

Professional Songwriter Group is an association of lyricists and composers that study human nature and incorporate that knowledge into their musical works, making their products more impactful on the listening public.

Back On Top Music is a publisher of music that works only with authors who understand and incorporate what we now know about human nature.

Magyar Music is a music act that incorporates Humanology® when crafting its songs.

The author of Humanology®, Don Magyar, can be contacted directly by going to his website.

His books are individually titled and can stand alone, yet they are part of the Humanology® series, published by Permanent Publications.


About the Grand Open

The Grand Open achieves the following goals:

  1. Shock the patrons to insure we have their attention.

  2. Set the mood in which we promise a fun and interesting experience.

  3. Elevate expectations, causing the audience to want more.

  4. Make the point children and adults are made to believe the key to happiness is to find our soul mate and form a bond of everlasting love.

Greeting cards, songs, books, movies fairy tales and soap operas remind us continuously that a bond of true love will serve us like a magic carpet, lifting us over “the rocky road of life.”

However, contrary to what we are taught, the good feeling we call “love” is not consistent by nature's design. Like the tides, the good feeling we call “love” comes and goes.

Note: The cyclic nature of love inspired our ancient ancestors to attract mating partners and then replace them with nurturing partners as needed. The pulling and pushing cycle of love has largely been overlooked.

This information and what to do about it must be shared with teenagers and anyone thinking about marriage, having children or contemplating divorce.

Note: We learn how to apply this information in ACT III.


About ACT I

ACT I achieves the following goals:

  1. Introduce the cast, establishing their personalities and idiosyncrasies.

  2. Cause the audience to like the lead characters and identify with them.

    Note: Only if patrons become emotionally invested in the lead characters will they long for their success and happiness.


About ACT II

ACT II achieves the following goals:

  1. Illustrate the difficulties encountered by those who get married and raise children in our modern society.

  2. Cause the audience to feel deeply (to re-experience) the frustration and disappointment encountered by the lead characters.

    Note: Only if patrons feel frustration and disappointment will they long for resolution.

ACT II portrays the trials and setbacks typical of life. We cannot help but get caught up in the demands of modern society. As we go through the motions making a living in a crazy world, our dreams are often ignored until we realize they are not likely to be achieved.

Personal disappointment, financial concerns, physical exhaustion and mental fatigue in combination with the temporary absence of the good feeling we call “love” results in frustration that can lead to hurtful words, poor decisions, inappropriate actions, and destructive behavior.

In truth, for most people, financial troubles, a hectic life, physical and mental fatigue, and even emotional duress are tolerable in the extreme if the good feeling we call “love” is present. It is the temporary absence of the good feeling we call “love” that is the breaking point for most relationships. When the feeling of love is absent (albeit temporarily), we wrongly interpret it as abandonment by our partner and a broken promise of everlasting love.

Note: We learn how to apply this most important information in ACT III.



ACT III achieves the following goals:

  1. Demonstrate the lead characters regret their breakup and want to work out their differences.

  2. Reveal the secret to success in romance and marriage.

Marriage is not about making a commitment to love one another forever. It is about making a commitment to hold on when the good feeling we call “love” is absent temporarily. (See the link labeled “Background” on the horizontal menu for details.)


About the Grand Finale

The Grand Finale achieves the final two goals:

  1. Acknowledge the performances of the performers.

  2. Leave the audience filled with joy.

The “Musical Play” ends well. The Grand Finale is the send off.


Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoy “It's Not About Love”. It was inspired by a discovery in science. Visit for details. Humanology® is the science of understanding human nature.

Every word of dialogue, lyric and melody has purpose. Each serves at least one of the 12 goals outlined in the“Author's Notes” (located here and the first page of the Grand Open, ACTs I, II and III, and the Grand Finale).

If you have critical commentary, please share your thoughts with me. Your feedback is the best way to improve the product.

Note: You will find more information and several ways to contact me by following the “Credits” link (located in the lower right of the header banner).