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Author, Lyricist and Composer:

Don Magyar

Editor and Consultant:

Kirk Martin

Produced by:

“Foundation To Empower Marriage” (FEM)

Inspired and Guided by Humanology®

(the science of understanding human nature)

© 1997-2016, Don Magyar

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Musical Play


12 characters (including 2 children) have speaking roles, though two have bit parts.

18 actors have non-speaking roles. In addition, a dozen or so extras are needed to sit in as Patrons at the club café “Hats” These extras can be the sponsors or their appointees.

The 12 Media Representatives appear only in the Grand Open and Grand Finale. The extras who serve as Patrons in Mike's club café Hats may also be played by these actors.

Essentially then, if the director so chooses, 12 actors may be double-cast as Media Representatives and Patrons of Mike's club café Hats.

===============   Speaking Roles   ===============

JENNY – Legal assistant, unhappily single (25 - 35). She lives alone. She is physically fit and a non-smoker. She will have an occasional drink when socializing, which is not a priority.

MIKE – Manager of a restaurant looking to open a quaint club café of his own in town, happily single (25 - 35). He is physically fit, does not smoke, and drinks only in moderation. Although he has dated quite a few women, he is respectful and generally a sound and decent guy.

RONNIE – Receptionist, single (18 - 30). She recently broke up with her fiancé. Although disappointed, she is not too upset. She is taking classes to become a legal assistant. She lives with two roommates. She is physically fit and drinks moderately when socializing.

DIANE – Attorney Wilson specializes in real estate law. She is divorced (30 - 45). She is accomplished and mature, serving as a guiding light and mentor to those around her.

TOM – Real estate agent, married (30 - 45). He is not as physically fit as he used to be just a few years earlier. He was once a “party animal” and still likes to spend time with his friends. However, his priority now is his family.

STEVE – Works as a carpenter for a local contractor (25 - 35). He is physically fit and does not smoke, but he does his share of drinking. Although recently engaged (tentatively), he tends to be on the wild side.

MATTHEW – A child of JENNY and MIKE (7 - 8).

REBECCA – A child of JENNY and MIKE (5 - 6).

BONNIE – Single woman (20 - 35) who dated Mike in high school long before he met Jenny. Bonnie smokes cigarettes but is not a big drinker. Although they have been just friends for several years, she is still interested in Mike.

WOMAN – A woman (90+) who in ACT III, Scene 1, sings one song and offers Jenny important advice regarding love and marriage.

MOTHER – A woman (35 - 45) who represents all moms, but especially Jenny's mom when Jenny was growing up. She appears and sings a couple of lines in the Grand Open.

DAUGHTER – A young woman (9 - 11) who represents all adolescent girls, but especially Jenny when she was growing up. She appears and says one line in the Grand Open. She may be double-cast with YOUNG GIRL (below).

===============   Non-Speaking Roles   ===============

YOUNG GIRL – Adolescent (9 - 11) who represents Jenny as a young girl in the Grand Open.

YOUNG BOY – Adolescent (9 - 11) who represents Mike as a young boy in the Grand Open.

RANDY – Server (over 21) at Mike’s club café Hats.

NANCY – Server (over 21) at Mike’s club café Hats.

REVEREND JONES – Minister who performs the wedding ceremony for Jenny and Mike.

FIANCÉ – Elderly gentleman who appears with the WOMAN in the Grand Finale.

PATRONS – The 12 media representatives (listed below) may be double-casted as patrons of Mike’s club café Hats. If not, 12 extras are needed to serve as Patrons of Mike's club café Hats. The sponsors may be invited to be the patrons of the club café as warranted.

MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES – Characters appear in Grand Open and Grand Finale. They represent the indoctrination by the media regarding love and marriage.

CUPID – A smaller person dressed in a diaper shoots arrows into the air.

HEART – Spins a circular disk that depicts the topography of the earth.

CINDERELLA – A girl dressed in a ballroom dress is wearing only one glass slipper, causing her to hobble as she walks.

ROMANCE NOVEL – A man with long flowing blond hair struts around stage. Every few seconds he casts his arms out as if to say, “Here I am.”

LOVE SONG – A man dressed like Elvis or Tom Jones or Michael Bolton holds a microphone and carries on as if he is singing a romantic ballad.

GREETING CARD – Opens and closes a card attached to his chest. The card has on it hearts, the word "love" in bold letters, and "Xs & Os" in it.

MOVIE – He has a large reel of film attached to his chest. He swings a large pocket watch.

SOAP OPERA – Has the words "Soap Opera" on a card he is brandishing. He also is carrying a soap box.

PRINCESS – Dressed in a white gown and a crown.

PRINCE – Dressed like a prince with a crown.

KNIGHT – Dressed in a suit of white armor, holding a sword.

PICKET FENCE – White picket fence.

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