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Author, Lyricist and Composer:

Don Magyar

Editor and Consultant:

Kirk Martin

Produced by:

“Foundation To Empower Marriage” (FEM)

Inspired and Guided by Humanology®

(the science of understanding human nature)

© 1997-2016, Don Magyar

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Musical Play

Scene 1 – Set 2 (Jenny’s Bedroom) – Song #2

Curtain opens. It's 11:00 in the evening. JENNY is lying on her bed facing the audience. She is talking on a portable phone. She is apparently speaking with one of her friends about someone she had dinner with that evening. The evening went well, but the man she dated is not for her.


It was fun. We went to (Restaurant).


(Featured Meal).

With enthusiasm

Fantastic! I love their (Featured Dish). Don’t you?


Anyway, it was fun.


Nope. Sorry. He’s very nice, but he’s not for me.

Sounding somewhat indignant

I don’t know. I just know he’s not the one. That’s all. Do you know he's a VP at (Bank)?

Pause. Jenny responds with some measure of uncertainty and then annoyance.

I guess he makes a good living, but it wouldn’t make a difference if he owned the bank. Di, he's not the one. I've waited too long to end up just comfortable. There has to be more than that.

Extended pause

But I’ve always dreamed of falling in love and getting married once, thank you. The last thing I want is to end up divorced or unhappily married, even if it means being alone for awhile longer. I just wish I knew how long it’s going to be.


Thanks Diane, and thanks for being such a good friend. See you in the morning.

Pause. She speaks while chuckling.

Yes, I'm sure. He's not the one.


You too. Bye.

Jenny hangs up the phone. She pauses as if to reflect. Jenny leaves the bed and walks to a desk center stage and sits in the chair behind it. She is facing the audience as if she is looking into the mirror. She picks up a brush and slowly brushes her hair.

Sigh. There has to be more.

Song #2 – “I Know There Has to Be More” – begins. Jenny sings while sitting in the chair but eventually gets up and walks the stage, playing to the audience.

I know there has to be more

Than running 'round till quarter to four.

Afraid to miss that party of all parties.

I know there has to be more

Than playing who's who and keeping score

Of which boys want me and what it is they see.

I know there has to be

Something more in this life for me

Than all of this surface worthless liberty.

People everywhere share their lives.

Everyone is a husband or wife.

It's no wonder why I wonder why not me.

I know there has to be more.

I know what I'm looking for.

My knight will come and save the day.

He'll stare me still and confidently say

The light changes to a blue hue. A screen center stage and above is decorated with clouds. Projected onto the screen is the vision of MIKE, a man she has not yet met. The intended effect is that she is envisioning the man she would like to meet. He sings the following line.


Sing no more. I've been looking for you.

The light changes back to its original hue as the screen above blackens.


Now I hope that I find for me

My dream come true who will help me see

What it's like to be really free and feel the feel of love.

I know there is so much more.

I want it like never before.

I'm looking for some help from up above.

I know there has to be more.

Music fades. Lights go down. Curtains close. End of ACT I, Scene 1.

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