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Author, Lyricist and Composer:

Don Magyar

Editor and Consultant:

Kirk Martin

Produced by:

“Foundation To Empower Marriage” (FEM)

Inspired and Guided by Humanology®

(the science of understanding human nature)

© 1997-2016, Don Magyar

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Theater Masks


Beyond the individual and collective benefits (see the links on the vertical menu), “It's Not About Love” is a huge opportunity for producers and investors.

To illustrate its potential, consider the return on investment for the hip-hop opera “Hamilton.” According to “The New York Times – June, 12 2016”…

Even if “Hamilton” isn’t playing in Bangkok decades after its debut (as was the case with “Phantom of the Opera”), it’s not unreasonable to expect Mr. Miranda’s unlikely hit will ultimately generate upward of $1 billion in sales.

Note: This link leads to a series of relevant informative articles: The New York Times.

The article goes on to say…

“The Lion King” and “Phantom” each claims to have grossed more than $6 billion worldwide, and “Wicked” has passed $4 billion.

Clearly, a successful musical work can be exceptionally profitable for producers and investors. The question is, What is the profit-potential of “It's Not About Love”?


“It's Not About Love” has characteristics that make it a smart investment.

  1. The project is fully developed and ready for production.

    Note: Few creative partners and low development costs means faster and greater ROI.

  2. A relatively small cast and the lack of elaborate props, physical risk, grand dance numbers and ornate costumes makes for low initial and operational costs.

    Note: See the “Production” and “Musical Play” sections for cast and set requirements.

  3. The business model calls for many productions running simultaneously from partnering with regional theaters and schools that have modern theater facilities.

    Note: See the “Distribution” section for details on venues, packaging and more.

Other characteristics increase its profit-potential beyond the works cited.

  1. The subjects of love and marriage are timeless and have universal appeal.

    Note: Relevance affects longevity and multiplicity, increasing profits exponentially.

  2. The message is revolutionary and socially empowering, making it newsworthy.

    Note: See the “Summary/FAQs” section for the significance of free ongoing publicity.

  3. Being a “Musical Play” (and not a “Musical” or “Opera”) gives it universal appeal.

    Note: See “Summary/FAQs” for an analysis of the various forms of musical theater.

  4. The work is friendly to the untapped market of 250+ million non-theatergoers.

    Note: See “Summary/FAQs” for analysis on target and new markets.

  5. The story is heartfelt – guaranteed to leave patrons crying tears of joy.

    Note: Patrons are taken on a roller coaster ride that leaves them emotionally spent.

Personal Satisfaction

Beyond its profit potential, “It's Not About Love” promises to empower individuals, couples, marriage, children, family and friends, communities, America and our civilization. In addition to being a smart investment, producers and investors can take pride in truly making the world a better place.


This is not merely a feel-good operation. The goals we have set and intend to accomplish are achievable and measurable. What greater contribution to the world can you make? What other project is more worthy, more sure, more interesting, more rewarding, more opportunistic, more entertaining and more fun?

We hope you join us. Those who serve a vital role in the early stages will be added to the organizing team. Team members will have a share in the income to be generated.

The ramifications of understanding human nature are many. The Patriot Party® is an emerging political party that endorses the application of Gravity Theory and the Bidirectional System as the way to resolve America's social, financial and political problems.

Patriot Party Radio broadcasts the Patriot Party® message.

Spring-Gravity Theory® is a marketing group that applies the teachings of Humanology® in crafting marketing plans and advertising campaigns for the largest companies and nation-states worldwide.

Spring-Gravity Theory® is the result of a breakthrough in understanding human nature.

That breakthrough is featured on the Humanology® website. More and more organizations are adopting the knowledge offered by Humanology®.

Foundation to Empower Marriage is a non-profit organization dedicated to educate high school seniors on how emotions work and how to use that knowledge to form and maintain successful long term personal relationships including marriage.

It's Not About Love is a musical written for high school and college students. It reveals the secret to success in romance and fulfillment in marriage. It's message is based on the knowledge and discoveries of Humanology®.

School Is Cool is a not-for-profit corporation that works with the major sports associations in elevating the value of education in the minds of our children.

Fittest Form® is a program that helps people achieve their best physical and mental state. Idea Songs is a group of songwriters that applies Humanology® in crafting songs, with an eye on making the most impact and maximizing audience appeal.

Professional Songwriter Group is an association of lyricists and composers that study human nature and incorporate that knowledge into their musical works, making their products more impactful on the listening public.

Back On Top Music is a publisher of music that works only with authors who understand and incorporate what we now know about human nature.

Magyar Music is a music act that incorporates Humanology® when crafting its songs.

The author of Humanology®, Don Magyar, can be contacted directly by going to his website.

His books are individually titled and can stand alone, yet they are part of the Humanology® series, published by Permanent Publications.