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Author, Lyricist and Composer:

Don Magyar

Editor and Consultant:

Kirk Martin

Produced by:

“Foundation To Empower Marriage” (FEM)

Inspired and Guided by Humanology®

(the science of understanding human nature)

© 1997-2016, Don Magyar

(407) 761-4734





What is a “Musical Play”?

Note: Many producers and marketers mislabel their theatrical works to make them more attractive to prospective reviewers and patrons. Although free to do so, mislabeling leads to confusion. What follows are technical definitions. The purpose of this exercise is to facilitate clarity and understanding.

A “Play” tells a story through dialogue. The hidden thoughts, feelings and desires of the characters are typically revealed by way of soliloquy.

A “Musical” tells a story through song, advancing the plot as well as revealing the hidden thoughts, feelings and desires of the characters.

Note: Most theatrical works are technically hybrids, best described as “Plays with music” or “Musicals with dialogue.” In contrast, It's Not About Love follows the specific rules of the genre of theatrical works called the “Musical Play.”

The “Musical Play” tells the story through dialogue (like a play), yet it reveals the hidden thoughts, feelings and desires of the characters through song (like a musical). What makes this genre unique is these roles are regarded as mutually-exclusive and kept separate with purpose.

Note: In an authentic “Musical Play,” the plot is advanced through the spoken word. Songs merely reveal the thoughts, feelings and desires of the characters.


It's Not About Love is a “Musical Play” because the plot is advanced solely through dialogue, yet the hidden thoughts, feelings and desires of the characters are revealed by way of lyrics set to melodies.

What makes It's Not About Love “Contemporary”?

  • The songs are pop-country, worthy of radio play.

  • There are no gratuitous big-production dance numbers.

  • There are no flamboyant costumes with glitter or feathers.

  • The setting is today's America (tailored to your city).

  • The subject is romance and marriage (both timeless & universal).


Title Picture

  … a musical play about romance and marriage.

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